New exhibitions!

The destination this time: Italy. More specifically: Forlì. The home of the notorious Caterina Sforza, a city as old as time itself … that level in Assassin’s Creed II when you fight off the Orsi brothers.  Yup, that Forlì.

My photos were selected for two exhibitions among 2.600 photographs sent in for an open call organized by Totally Lost. So what is Totally Lost, you might wonder? Curated by Spazi Indecisi, it’s an ongoing research project that aims to discover and map the architectural heritage of former totalitarian regimes of Europe. A noble mission that aims to preserve in memory what is easily forgotten.

After the great success of their first open call in 2013, the second open call was even more ambitious, resulting in three exhibitions in Italy, for starters. Knowing this ambitious bunch, the exhibition is sure to travel internationally.

The expos run from the 9th til the 25th of September, so make sure to be there! (Also, because one of my photos is HUGE. So I hear, at least.)

Find out all the details about it here and definitely follow all the news on their facebook page.

P.S. One of my images is also among this year’s special mentions! You definitely know how to make a girl feel special, Totally Lost.

Totally Charmed,