I remember buying Moleskine notebooks only for the sense of accomplishment they brought with them. They made me feel like a melancholia-stricken writer who draws their genius out of empty belly rumblings and the pain of life, mind clouded with cigarette smoke. I would never actually write anything down in them as the ordinariness of my words seemed to shatter the precious illusion of my yet unfolded talents.

Moleskine, for me, is the embodiment of validation. And as I unwrapped my first portfolio book ever, validation was indeed felt. On the plus side, now I can actually go to a portfolio review, feeling ever so professional. Entitled Melancholiathe book showcases my absolute highlights from two years of doing photography and exploring.

(I’m still in doubt whether this deserves a blog post for itself, but my love for everything Moleskine has clearly clouded my judgment.)

This lovely little thing is the Moleskine Medium Landscape, made through MILK Photo books.