I received a call on a bleak nondescript Tuesday afternoon, going about random nondescript business.

“Hello, is this Mirna?”


“Would you like to be on TV?”

TV? Of course not. It takes all conscious effort even to have my picture taken. In which I cover half of my face. This would require me actually talking. To a camera. With half of my face not covered.

I fumbled around with words, automatically starting to make excuses, but we eventually settled on a postponed decision. Which I completely avoided making in the week that followed, until the second call. I suddenly heard myself saying “okay”, before I could stop the words. Soon the place and the time were set, and I was to be on Dobro Jutro, Hrvatska. National television.

But the experience proved to surpass my expectations by far and diminish the fears of the dreaded *camera*. Even managed to say a coherent sentence or two. I call that success. So a story was delivered about why on Earth would some people go in search of themselves in the most unusual of places.

A big thank you to Dada Žitko, the journalist, Amer Kuhinja, the camera master, and Damir Janeček, editing.

Photo credit: Dada Žitko

dobro jutro hrvatska 2