Featured in f11 Magazine

Words like “honoured” or “excited” don’t even begin to cover the vast array of emotions I feel towards this feature.

When Mr. Tim Steele, the main editor of f11 Magazine, first contacted me to set up a basis for a potential feature, I had no idea it would evolve into a giant it is in its final form – a 50 page spread with a cover, a “Final Frame” image and a photo on the main page of the site, promoting the latest issue.


In their own words, “f11 is a FREE digital magazine for photographers and aficionados. The magazine is published eleven times each year from our base in beautiful New Zealand. 
Read by tens of thousands all over the world, f11 Magazine appeals to professional and enthusiast photographers, designers and creative people working with images, as well as buyers and collectors of photography. Each issue is also available for download as a PDF file.

In my own words, it is the most amazing collaboration to date with a truly amazing magazine.

So head on over to their site or facebook, and you can read the latest issue here or download it as pdf.

2 thoughts on “Featured in f11 Magazine”

  1. Just spent some time looking at this article in f11. Congratulations, I really enjoyed it, these are images to be proud of. To much urban ex stuff looks all the same to me, just look where I was stuff, but you have created a body of work here that is truly worth the time to view.

    • Much appreciate the kind words, Terry. As authors strive to be unique, it’s particularly encouraging to hear such positive feedback.

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