Mirna Pavlovic, 1989, photographer and writer.

She caught the travel bug some years ago and hasn’t fully recovered since. Her quest for the abandoned, the forgotten and the derelict has led her all over Europe – fuelled by a yearning to break out of prescribed forms of moving and a fascination with identity shifts in the context of these dystopian blindspots. Writer of the book Between Nowhere and Never – Photographs of Forgotten Places, by Reginald Van de Velde, released worldwide. Finder of ways.


2008 - 2014 University of Zagreb


Galerie Philia, Paris


May 2017 - Mediterranea Young Artists Biennale, House of Leaves, Tirana, Albania
Mar 2017 – ViewPoint's 2016 Int’l Photo Competition, Viewpoint Gallery, Halifax, Canada
Dec 2016 / Jan 2017 - Moscow Int. Foto Awards, Franco Crimean Republican Scientific Library, Simferopol, Crimea
Nov 2016 – 37th Zagreb Salon, Mimara Museum, Zagreb, Croatia
Oct / Nov 2016 - PhotoVisa, Novorossiysk Historical Museum, Novorossiysk, Russia
Oct 2016 – Rovinj Photodays, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, Croatia
Sep 2016 – Totally Lost, Casa del Mutilato, Forlì, Italy
Sep 2016 – Totally Lost, Casa del Fascio, Teodorano, Italy
Jul 2016 – Moscow Int. Foto Awards, Na Kashirke Gallery, Moscow, Russia
May 2016 – Rovinj Photodays, Heritage Museum, Rovinj, Croatia
Feb / Mar 2016 – Moments, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Oct 2015 – ARTichoke Festival, Studentski Centar, Zagreb, Croatia
Nov 2014 – 36th Zagreb Salon, National and University Library, Zagreb, Croatia


2017 –ViewPoint’s 2016 Int’l Photo Competition, March Winner
2016 – Tokyo International Foto Awards, Winner, Architecture - Interiors
2016 – ND Awards, Winner, Architecture – Interiors
2016 – 37th Zagreb Salon, Finalist
2016 – Totally Lost, Finalist & Special mention, Abandoned Totalitarian Architecture
2016 – Moscow International Foto Awards, Winner, Architecture - Interiors
2016 – PH21 Gallery, Honourable mention, Solo Exhibition Competition
2016 – Rovinj Photodays, Finalist, Architecture
2016 – Slideluck Vancouver III, Selected
2014 – 36th Zagreb Salon, Finalist


Museum of Arts and Crafts, Permanent Collection of Contemporary Photography, Zagreb, Croatia


2015 – Open Show, Organ Vida, Zagreb


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